The Interactive Energy Saving Center

The Interactive Energy Saving Center is a place that uses inventive methods to show children, young people and all visitors, processes occurring in creation of energy. It is here where with the help of interesting devices we will experience extraordinary situations in the field of physics and chemistry. The main task of the IESC will be to explain how much energy production costs, showing that it is not worth wasting it.


The historic pumping station


This is not a coincidence that the Interactive Energy Saving Center is located in the historic pumping station in Sportowa Street. The pumping station is a place where 100-year-old water systems have preserved, which are very interesting on their own and hard to find in the area. The implementation of the investment should be completed in September 2012.

After its completion, Bielawa will have a broad base of environmental education, consisting of the Renewable Energy Sources Center, Forestry School and the Interactive Energy Saving Center. Our city will be one of the most important centers in Poland that promotes respect for the environment to such extent.

To implement the project, the city of Bielawa has raised funds in the amount of 1.35 million from the Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesia for the years 2007-2013.