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Kostelec nad Orlici - the Czech Twinning Town

     The Czech Town Kostelec nad Orlici became the fourth Twinning Town of Bielawa. The celebration of the sign of Partnership Agreement was hold on 16 December 2009. On behalf of the Town of Kostelec the document was signed by theMayor  Ivana Cervinkova. On behalf of the Town of Bielawa the agreement was signed by the Mayor of Bielawa – Ryszard Dźwiniel, and the Leader of the Town Council – Leszek Stróżyk.

First contacts with Kostelec were established on December 1995. Bielawa then was seeking a partner for realisation of cultural and sport project under the rules of Euroregion Glacensis. Co-operation was very fruitful and succeeded in financial grants for organisation among others Reggae Dub Festival and Lines of Bielawa. As the consequences both the towns wished to extend. In effect of that a  Partnership Agreement has been signed. The Town of Kostelec is situated at the feet of the Orlickie Mountains upon the river of Wild Orlica.

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