"Ecological" field of education

      In the forthcoming school year 2011/2012, the School Complex in Bielawa, as one of the first in Poland, starts a class in the profession of a "technician of devices and systems of renewable energetics”. Its creation is the effect of a positive evaluation of the conducted in 2004-2008 pedagogical experiment in result of which 9 students finished their education in this profession. The positive evaluation of the Bielawa School Complex's activity, a very well equipped didactic base of the Commune Centre of Practical Education in Bielawa and the proposal of the Ministry of Economy, convinced the Minister of National Education to express his agreement to enlist this specialty to the classification of professional education. This fact, and also elaboration of a program syllabus, allowed opening to this class in the new school year.

      It is proper to notice that for several years renewable energetics has been developing dynamically in Poland. Union standards connected with protection of environment extort replacing traditional sources of energy with the newest ecological technologies which the students of the Bielawa School Complex are tought. This is why the profession of "technician of devices and systems of renewable energetics” is definitely an occupation of the future and soon it will be sought after on the job market. More and more solar collectors will appear on our roofs, biomass boilers are already applied universally similarly as heat pumps. Therefore to assembly, exploitation and servicing of these devices we will need graduates of the Technical school in the Bielawa School Complex.

It is proper to mention that the new specialty perfectly fits the strategy of a model ecological city which Bielawa has been promoting for many years by putting emphasis on respect of environment among children, youth and academic groups. Bielawa entirely supports the innovative initiative of the School Complex.
In the course of education students will acquire the following skills:
- designing, assembling, and servicing of solar and photovoltaic installations, heat pumps and biomass furnaces,
- projecting and supervising realization of central heating, cold and hot usable water, sewage, gas and air conditioning installations,
- choosing materials, accessories and installation devices,
- co-ordinating network, installing and building works. Obtaining the title of a technician will allow graduates to undertake work in firms specializing in installation techniques such as, i.e. heating, air conditioning; work in consulting and advisory firms or design offices. Graduates will be also able to continue their education at universities or collages, particularly in the following specialties: building, environment engineering or environment protection.
Students from other administrative district will be allowed to use the dormitory at A. Mickiewicza 1 street in Dzierżoniów. More information: tel. 74 83 34 567.