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Forest school

      The Forest school - an educational post promoting pro-ecological attitudes among young people, began functioning in Bielawa in 2010. The school is already the fifth project refinanced by the DBU foundation in Bielawa. Earlier, German partners had passed money on the formation of the Ecological Kindergarten , the Sunny School, the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources, and the Amphitheatre on the Sudety Holiday Resort. Bielawa is the only city in which the DBU German Foundation of Environment Protection co - financed more than one project. The opening ceremony was under the patronage of the European Committee.

      The Forest school is listed in the strategy of ecological education called "from kindergarten to university" elaborated by the city. Thanks to the post, children can see and experience what they had never seen before. Therefore, The School is an important element enriching education directed on the respect of natural environment. The post is situated in the upper part of the city at Korczaka 12 street, near the Lanscape Park of Góry Sowie. The hexagonal shape of the school and the applied ecological materials are a perfect fit to the character of the building and its surroundings. Soon, young ecologists will have modern laboratories and a multimedia studio to their disposal. Three didactic paths called "Wodny świat”, "Tropem muflona”, and "Co w trawie piszczy” will be marked near the ecological post.

      The Bielawa Agency of Local Development, which makes the building open to sightseeing and organizes classes promoting ecology for the citizens and the youth, is in charge of the Forest school.