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The Incubator of Enterprise

      The idea of creating the incubator of enterprise in Bielawa came into being as an answer for the total liquidation of cotton industry in 2005-2009 and the main social-economic problem of the city that is high unemployment. Several attempts to obtain financial support from various sources were crowned with success in 2010.

      The project predicted a complex modernization and adaptation of an office building, after the former Bieltex cotton factories, situated in Bielawa at Wolności 24 street to function as the incubator of enterprise. The total obtained production - service surface is 1255,8 m2 and it includes 21 premises. Businessmen starting an economic activity or using the Incubator rooms can obtain preferential conditions of lease of the premises in the period of 3 years of functioning.

      The range of modernization included total reconstruction of the arrangement of rooms, electric and sanitary installation change, execution of thermomodernization of external walls, windows and doors change, and making a freight lift between all the 4 levels of the building. Every floor has a plumbing system with change rooms and a room for breakfasts.

       Businessmen can also use conference halls of surfaces of 25 and 50 m2, equipped with modern audio-visual devices. The incubator has also a public office with office equipment and the Internet access. The office offers guidance in the range of tax law, work law and remaining issues connected with running your own economic activity.
Therefore, we invite all future businessmen to get in contact with the Bielawa Agency of Local Development (Wolności 57 street, tel. 74 645 64 01) which is in charge of the building.