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The sub-zone of the WSSE

      The WSSE "INVEST - PARK” terrain is situated in the northern part of the city, directly on the province road no. 384 which connects Bielawa with Dzierżoniów. The road, in its further part, constitutes a connection of Dzierżoniów administrative district with Wrocław and the Bielański highway interchange (59 km). It is also located in direct neighbourhood of the planned south bypass of the city of Dzierżoniów (pathway of the 382 province road - Podsudecka route, joining the Legnica - Świdnica direction with the Ząbkowice - Nysa direction).

      Access to the landed property is possible through the existing exit from the 384 road and Grunwaldzka street (an asphalt road to agricultural terrains). The landed properties form a compact terrain of a regular rectangle shape with sides sized 260 x 500m. Maximum inclination of the terrain does exceed 2%. In the Local Plan of Spatial Development and the Study of Conditioning and Directions of Spatial Development it is designed for industry.

      All utilities - electric energy, water, gas, telephone network, and sanitary sewage system are in the roadway of the 384 road (on the opposite side in relation to the location of plots). The amount of accessible utilities is sufficient to conduct an investment process. For the needs of production, after the identification of investor's needs, it is necessary to assure deliveries of utilities on a higher level from the existing installations or in the result of new investments. In accordance with the enclosed obligations this will take place not later than 9 months after determining the needs of investors.

      Access - the terrain is situated directly on 384 province road - Dzierżoniowska street (single carriageway, three - lane road of a bituminous surface). Direct access is secured by Grunwaldzka street (road to agricultural terrains of a bituminous surface).
On the need of Bielawa subzone localization, Grunwaldzka street will require reconstruction adapting to heavy transport relating to extension and enlargement of capacity up to 100 kN/axis. This investment is planned in the current year.

Electric energy - the power network existing in direct proximity of the landed property suffices to satisfy minimum needs. In accordance with assurances of the Region of Distribution and Sale of Energy in Dzierżoniów of the EnergiaPro Power Concern, the available power reserves are estimated on 20 kW.
Alternative solutions, depending on notified demand of investors, include:

- building a new transformer station on a line of medium tension of 20KV, running 600 m from the border of the property. The reserves of this line were estimated on 1 MW of power.

- or building a new line directly with GPZ Dzierżoniów where the present power reserves are estimated on 6MW. Approximate length of the new power line is 2 km (running through agricultural terrains belonging in 90% to the Agency of Agricultural Properties of State Treasury and in 10% to the Dzierżoniów Municipal Commune).

Earth gas - the gaspipe of φ=225 constituting the main power supply of the city of Bielawa runs along the 384 province road (Dzierżoniowska street) on its opposite side. This source can deliver up to 200m3/h of gas. The power supply requires making an earth piercing under Dzierżoniowska street and executing a section of a gaspipe in Grunwaldzka street.
In case of investors' larger demand for gas, there is a possibility of moving the reduction station, situated in the distance of 500m from the properties, to higher parameters of work or making a new network supplying the terrain directly from the station.

Water and sewage system - the existing water network allows supplying new buildings on the terrain only in social-living aims. It this aim one should make a network passage under the 384 road and a suitable section of a water-pipe in Grunwaldzka street. In case of larger demand for water to production and fire-fighting aims, the gestor of the Water-pipe Company network indicates the necessity of executing the power supply from the direction of Wolności street (in this aim there is a necessity of making 300 m of a water-pipe of φ=150) and several passages under the 384 road. This investment will allow to completely protect delivery of water on the level of 600m3/d.

A collector of sanitary sewage system of φ=300 runs in the property which later, through delivery section φ=90, is transported to the main municipal collector which is directed to a sewage treatment plant. Due to exploitation it is unadvisable to connect new recipients to the system. The administrator of the network suggests making a new cumulative collector along Grunwaldzka street directly to the sewage treatment plant. The newly built sewage system would partly encompass the gravitational collector (1 km) and the delivery section (around 500m).

Telecommunication - directly on the border of the property at Grunwaldzka street there is a network of Telekomunikacja Polska SA. In accordance with the operator's information he possesses subscriber posts with 5 free pairs of lines (up to 25 numbers). It is also possible to connect the Internet of data transfer speed up to 6MB/s.

Due to the existence of fibre-optic cables in the 384 road (Dzierżoniowska street), on investors' wish it is possible to make a quick fibre-optic link which would considerably improve the quality and speed of data transfer.