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      Bielawa continuously tries to attract external investors because it possesses ideal terrains for small, average and large firms. Therefore, a potential investor has to his disposition the terrains included in the Sub-zone of the Walbrzych Special Economic Zone at Grunwaldzka street.

What is important, on the area situated inside the new part of the bypass (Jana Pawła II avenue) we realize the conception of the Bielawa Industrial Park. A supplement for the economic zone and the industrial park is the Incubator of Enterprise (Wolności 24 street) being an ideal solution for persons who plan to establish their own economic activity. Most certainly, very soon it will be a resiliently acting centre which will contribute to larger liveliness and development of Bielawa in the economic respect.

     Every businessman who will decide to invest in Bielawa can count on frankness of the city authorities, convenient conditions, but first of all on a broad scale of tax concessions.
Therefore, within the last years a large Korean concern ACE RICO POLAND, which invested in the city over 60 million zlotys and employed several hundred people, decided to trust us. The enterprise is a producer of bases for television sets for, among others, LG, SONY, or DELL.

      LINCOLN ELECTRIC "BESTER”, representing electrotechnical industry, is a great proof that Bielawa is a remarkable place for long-term business. It is a firm with traditions which since 1946 has produced welders, rectifiers and other welding devices in our city. Except for large firms, Bielawa is a place where over 2000 smaller businessmen have been functioning for a long time employing several dozen workers. They represent mainly trade and various types of services. Therefore, Bielawa is opened to every idea as well as innovative solutions.

      We should emphasize that thanks to the trying of the city authorities, we managed to establish good relations with the Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investments in Warsaw, which in considerable degree decides about locations of new, foreign enterprises in our country. We should also mention that in 2010 the representatives of the Polish Agency of Foreign Investments and the Walbrzych Special Economic Zone were guests in Bielawa.
We encourage all people to invest in Bielawa, guaranteeing help and support of the city authorities.