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Model Ecological Town

     For many years Bielawa has put emphasis on respecting natural environment and ecological education. Shaping the feeling of responsibility for nature among the citizens and realizing suitable investments, Bielawa consistently drifts towards becoming the "Model ecological city".
It all started in 1999 on the transformation of the Public Kindergarten No. 1 to an Ecological Kindergarten. This was possible thanks to a co-operation between Bielawa and the partnership city of Lingen, the DBU German Foundation of Environment Protection, and the International Association of Ecological Education (IGU).

      Thanks to common workings on the terrain of the kindergarten, there are now small hills, valleys, a sand-stone river and other places attractive for kids. Moreover, the pre - school program of teaching has been introduced with subjects connected with ecology. Since that moment, children have been getting familiar with nature not only in theory, but also in practice.
The next step in the development of ecology in our city was the creation of the first "Sunny School" in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. The innovative educational post began its activity in the complex of schools in 2001.
Exactly one year later it was transformed from "Sunny School” to the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources which has been functioning till today in the Commune Centre of Practical Education.

       In the moment when ecological education on pre - school  and high-school levels already functioned, it was natural to introduce it to elementary schools and grammar schools. Therefore we did it. In September 2006, Elementary School No. 7 nad High School No. 3.
Trying of the city authorities and commitment of the citizens in pro-ecological activity were appreciated, among others, by the Senate of Wrocław University of Technology, which in December 2007 year passed a resolution to create a Non-resident Didactic Centre in Bielawa educating experts in the range of renewable energy. A solemn inauguration of ecological education on the academic level took place on 9th October 2009.

      The strongly diverse ecological education is supported by essential investments for this field in Bielawa. In 2006 the city realized a project called "Ecological development of OWW Sudety”. Youth from Bielawa and Lingen, and also their teachers and parents, were engaged in the works on the first stage of the investment - building an amphitheatre on the terrain of a holiday resort.
Important points on the map of ecological investments are also: Elficki Square built in 2010 on the Sudety Holiday Resort and a Forest School.
The Forest School deserves special attention - an educational post thanks to which the youngest citizens of Bielawa can gain ecological knowledge in an innovative way. The School under the patronage of the Agency of European Committee in Poland was formed thanks to the participation of the DBU German Foundation of Environment Protection.
At present, the Bielawa Commune tries to adapt the historic station of pumps to an Interactive Centre of Energy Saving and building a biomass municipal boiler room.

     Another important element on Bielawa’s map of environmental investment is Plac Elficki built in 2010 in the grounds of the Holiday Centre, as well as the Forest School.  The latter is a worth noticing educational post which enables the youngest citizens of Bielawa to learn about the natural environment and ecology in an innovative way. The school under the patronage of the Representation of the European Commission in Poland was created with the help of the German Environmental Foundation DBU. At present the Bielawa Municipality makes efforts to adapt the historical pump station for an Interactive Centre of Respect for Energy and construction of a city biomass boiler room.