Welcome to Bielawa

We would like to invite you to Bielawa – a town situated in the central part of Lower Silesia in the district of Dzierżoniów. It stretches along a mountain brook called Bielawica on the area of 36.2 km².

The town lies on the level of between 280 and 345 meters above the sea. The town’s main advantage is its location at the foot of the oldest mountains in Europe - the Sowie Mountains. The mountains spread along the distance of 26 kilometers from Przełęcz Srebrna in the south to Bystrzyca Świdnicka Valley in the north. Their four main tourist routes leading through 8.000 hectares of Landscape Park of the Sowie Mountains, numerous ski lifts and cycling tracks, create exceptionally attractive region for both advanced and amateur tourists.

The major attractions of Bielawa are Góra Parkowa (Park Hill) (455 meters high) – with its viewing tower, a ski lift and a sleigh slope, and Łysa Góra (Bald Hill) (365 meters high). Łysa Góra as well as nearby hills Żmij and Dzikowiec are commonly used by paragliders organized in a club called “Bielik” which is also engaged in technical assistance and organizing sport competitions and paragliding trainings.
In the western outskirts of the town you can find Holiday and Relaxation Centre “Sudety” with a 24-hectare artificial lake, a swimming pool, football, volleyball and basketball pitches and an amphitheatre.